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Grogono Family Tree

First Generation - Grogona – with an a

Despite extensive efforts to find earlier family members, Mandeville Grogona remains our most senior ancestor. Spelling appears to have been of little consequence in the earlier generations and Grogona, Grogono, and Gregon are all recorded. Grogono certainly became the established spelling in generation three (Mildred, Raby, Eric, Jonathan, Florence, and Walter).

Family Origin

With no certain evidence of where the family originated, it is tempting to speculate. Ireland is a close neighbour but Grogona and Grogono are not known. However, both Grogon and Grogan are fairly common and could easily have been changed to Grogona. Without evidence to the contrary some family members are happy to be Irish, others prefer to be of middle Europe extraction.

Current Resources


This work is based on work done by several family members including Eric Bernard Grogono, Nigel Knight, Sonia Grogono, Alan Grogono, and all those family members who have contributed contact information and photographs.

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