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Magic Squares Links to Other Sites


The links below have been compiled with the help of others - notably Mark S. Farrar. It is a pleasure to provide this link to his site as well as thanking him for permission to use his list of links.

Links to other Magic Squares:

The links below were all tested on January 15th 2004. I am anxious to add to this list and would particularly welcome any suggestions for items primarily concerned with Magic Squares.

Aale de Winkel's Magic Squares And Cubes
Anti-Magic Square Project
Bogdan Golunski's website
Bruno Kevius' Mathematical Resources & Links
Charlie Kelly's Magic Squares & Hyper Cubes
Eric Weisstein's Magic Squares
Feng Shui Magic Square
Harvey Heinz's Magic Stars, Squares and Other
Hendricks Magic Squares & Hyper Cubes
John Baez's The Magic Square
Kanada's Magic Square Links
Keith Hung' Magic Square
Magic Square Links (Paul Revere Middle School)
Magic Square Patterns
Magic Square Sliding Puzzle
Magic Squares at Math Cats
Mark S. Farrar's Magic Squares
Mutsumi Suzuki's List of Resources
Paul Pasles' More Magic Squares
Shin's Magic Square World
Suzanne Alejandre's Magic Squares
The Largest Magic Squares


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