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Europe 2006

Casa Bianca, near Umbertide in Umbia, Italy.

We drove down from France to join our friends Jim and Christine Watson and Ann Kendell. The five of us enjoyed working on the Watson's house and garden, swimming in their pool, and eating some excellent meals. The Watson's son, Andrew, had just presented them with their portraits in the style of Piero Della Francesco. We all thought that the portrait was a stunning success, especially as we had a print of the original to look at. On the right is a miniature showing the comparison beteen the original, their portraits, and their photos. Please look at one of the two larger versions:

While we were with them, Anthea and I visited Perugia for a day where we took the picture of the delightful round window above the cathedral entrance, below. All five of us went to visit the unique hilltop town of Bagnioregio. The original walkway to the town collapsed in an earthquake some forty years ago. Thankfully it has been replaced with a modern concrete and metal bridge. Without it the old town would, for practical purposes, be inaccesible. On the way back we visited Orvietto (picture below) to visit the Etruscan tombs below the city walls.

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