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Beagle/Galapagos 2007

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Starting at Baltra - Tuesday

This is the first of several pages devoted to our cruise in the Galapagos Islands. We flew into Baltra on Tuesday March 29th, were greeted at the airport by the owner of the Beagle, Georgina Marten Cruz, and then at the dock by Sea Lions occupying all the seats.

While waiting we intruduced ourselves to two English couples: Peter and Jennie Skinner from Cobham and James and Lexie Sneddon from Grantham. We also met Sybil with her son Louis and grandson Marco.

We boarded the Beagle around 1:00pm and set sail for Seymour Island where we were introduced to Blue Footed Boobies, Frigate birds, and the crew of the Beagle (see photo below): Fausto was our naturalist guide; Pedro was our chef; Vicente was our Bar Tender and Waiter; Miguel was First Mate; Oswaldo was the Captain; and Angel was the engineer and helped run the dinghy.

Horiz Bar

Index: Baltra/Semour   Plaza/Santa Fe   Espanola   Santa Cruz   Floreana   James Island   Genovesa 

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