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Beagle/Galapagos 2007

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Friday morning

We spent Friday morning at the Darwin Center at Punta Ayora on Santa Cruz. We saw George, a Tortoise who is supposed to be about 128 years, visited the breeding center, photographed some wonderful old Tortoises, and in a light-hearted moment photographed a stranger, Lilly who unlike me was concentrating on the tortoises!

Friday afternoon

In the afternoon we went to a farm in the Highlands of Santa Cruz to visit the Primicias Ranch where we saw some Santa Cruz Land Tortoise attempting, but failing, to mate and were then entertained by a guide crawling into a tortoise shell. In the evening we visited the home of Leila Cruz, Georgina's sister-in-law, for dinner in her home.

Index: Baltra/Semour   Plaza/Santa Fe   Espanola   Santa Cruz   Floreana   James Island   Genovesa 

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