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Post Katrina - Ninth Ward 1

January 9th 2006

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We lived, and worked, in New Orleans for eighteen years. Katrina affected many of our friends. On January 8th 2006, we drove to New Orleans from Austin, Texas, where we had spent Christmas with the family. About four and a half months had passed since Katrina broke the Levees and caused the disasterous flooding. We stayed with Mike and Marge Dolan for two days.

These photos were taken on January 9th. They picture people's homes and possessions. Better than any words they illustrate why it must take so long to rebuild New Orleans. Whole areas lack water, power, and people. Wrecked houses sit awkwardly across streets; huge trees lie across houses; rubble is still everywhere; street and traffic lights are dead; stores remain closed; and this is after nineteen weeks of work and cleaning.

The damage to boats in the harbor is of little consequence compared to the damage to people's homes and lives. And yet, the boat pictures serve to vividly emphasize just how much remains to be done.

Our thoughts are with those that these photographs represent.


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