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Yorkshire Spring Photos

May 2005

These photos were taken near Uncle Kenneth's house in Yorkshire - more of a cottage really. The downstairs floor consists of a tiny living room and a miniature kitchen/breakfast area. The picture of his house is a row of five houses of which his is near the left hand end.

When the sun shines this is a beautiful part of England. The stone walls and stone houses were all built when labor and stone were plentiful. The stone fences separating the fields are all built "dry" with no cement or mortar. They seem to last for centuries which defies belief.

The railway line is entirely and completely run, repaired, maintained, and staffed by local volunteer enthusiasts - which makes it a delight to travel on. We went to and from Keighley - a journey of six or seven miles I, suppose, just for fun. The film "The Railway Chidren" was filmed using this railway. It is a delightful film and beautifully portrays this part of the country.


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