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Stereo Art Instructions

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Two Methods:

There are two methods which may be used to get the stereo effect:

Crossover technique


Whichever method you use, there is no doubt at all when you see it!   "Wow!" is a common reaction; an exciting field of objects fills your screen floating at different levels.

Set Your Browser Window:

When you get to the Stereo Page, set your browser to the maximum size so that it fills your screen. Even better, close any browser navigation areas at the side or the top to give you the maximum viewing area.

Set Your Display Resolution:

These images were prepared for desktop or laptop computers with the display set to the highest resolution, i.e., objects appear small. If the pairs of objects are too far apart it will be impossible to use the Gaze Through method and it may be harder to use the Crossed Eyes method as well.

View the Stereo Art Now

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